Formative complements

The academic committee of the PhD programme, in agreement with the tutor or director, will decide, after studying the student's curriculum, whether it is appropriate for the student to undertake additional training, as provided for in Royal Decree 99/2011 and also included in the regulations governing doctoral studies at the universities. Where appropriate, the list of subjects to be taken from the University's postgraduate academic offer will be defined, taking into account the specific training required by the PhD student for the proper development of their research work.

These complements are aimed at students who meet the requirements for access to doctoral programmes in article 6 of RD99/2011, of 28 February, which regulates official doctoral studies, and who have not taken research credits.

A maximum of 15 ECTS may be contemplated.

The training actions will be selected from the subjects of the official research master's degree courses offered by the universities. The teaching staff in charge will be the teaching staff of the Master's degrees themselves.

In this sense, there are currently Master's degrees similar to the proposed programme:

  • University Master's Degree in Research in Fluid Thermodynamic Engineering. UVA, UBU, URV.
  • University Master's Degree in Air Conditioning Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Buildings. URV.
  • University Master's Degree in Thermal Engineering. UBU.
  • Master's Degree in Colloid and Interface Science and Technology. USC.
  • Master's Degree in Renewable Energies and Energy Sustainability. USC.
  • Master's Degree in Materials Science and Technology. USC.
  • Master's Degree in Chemical and Environmental Process Engineering. USC.