Admission criteria

Access to the Doctoral Programme is open to those students who, fulfilling the legal requirements for access to the doctoral programme set out above, have completed previous technical or scientific studies in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Physics, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics or similar subjects. In all cases it will be an essential requirement to attach an application for admission endorsed by a lecturer from the Programme to supervise the applicant's Doctoral Thesis.

The Master's studies that will allow admission to this doctoral programme without complementary training must have a research profile in the branches of science and engineering and with a training equivalent to the Research Master's in Fluid Thermodynamic Engineering with respect to the subject on which the Doctoral Thesis is to be developed. These complements will be decided by the Academic Committee at each participating university.

The criteria that will be taken into account for the selection of students who meet the above requirements are essentially their academic record. The fact that the candidate has carried out mobility during their access studies or any other merit that the candidates express and that has repercussions on the development of their doctoral thesis will also be taken into account.